Desecration (Vulkathanha NP, SA)

Studio painting from photographs.

Watercolour, gouache and collage on recycled packet.


64cm x 64cm framed.

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The insitu photo imagines how this artwork might look in a home, not how it may or may not be framed.


During the 1970’s myself and another geologist were mapping in this area in the northern Flinders Ranges and came across a boulder by the track. My companion decided he wanted some rifle practice and against my wishes, used it as a target. Unbeknown to us, the boulder is at an Aboriginal rock-carving site which, 50 years later, I visited with my daughter Fran on her artist residency at Grindells Hut. The carvings are very old and incised into the sandstone pavement in the vicinity, fortunately they remain undamaged –only the rock bears witness to our lapse.