Tides In, Golden Beach

Oil Painting
Oils on quality linen mounted on stretcher frame base. Ready to hang. The paint surface wraps around the stretcher frame edges.
??cm x ?? cm TBA
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The insitu photo imagines how this artwork might look in a home, not how it may or may not be framed.


Painted in the studio from photographs and sketches at Golden Beach, just south of Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The area is being inundated due to a breakthrough of the sand spit on Bribie Island (the island where famed artist Ian Fairweather lived). Sand is being swept into the mangroves, threatening their survival.

‘’Birth is just like riding in a boat.
You raise the sails and row with the oar…
You ride in the boat, and your riding in the boat makes the boat what it is.”

Transl. Kazuaki Tanahashi & others from the ancient Japanese.
Fr. P.13 of Moon In A Dewdrop, North Point Press, NY, 1985.